Tips and Techniques

This page is dedicated to mainly you tube and other video sites.There are tutorial carving links posted below. You can hover and click on the LINK or you may want to save it in your favorites (like you did for our website ,,, right?).

  1. How to carve simple wood spirit face;
  2. Simple wood spirit face part 1;    part 2:
  3. Carving ugly face:
  4. Carving face on cane:
  5. Pete LeClair how to paint caricatures
  6. Here a video to help those that struggle with caricature eyes. This called the diamond eye .      
  7. Here is a way to soften the wood when you are carving ! It really works!
  8. Here is a site were you can have carving classes on line . You  Can try it for a month , 3 months , or a year. Examples are painting, fish, caricature, relief carving and much more! Just click the link below and look at their sample video’s . Some of the top notch carvers in the Nation .   
  9. Here’s a site to help with eagle heads;
  10. Here’s a video to help with your sharping skills .

Try these links and give your input ! Thank ya’ll